Avery Amelia: 4 months.

Avery will be 4 months old in just a few days! My head is definitely spinning, as I try to wrap my brain around how fast she is growing up. It is really insane how quickly they change. She went from tiny, needy newborn to...well, she's still needy, but she's very much a little person now.

This little lady has a ton of personality. She loves to laugh and smile and to get you to smile and laugh back at her. She ADORES her doggy brothers. She now enjoys tummy time and is always pushing up on her arms and acting like she wants to crawl--you can tell she really wishes she could chase after the dogs. She will be zooming around the house before we know it (and before we're ready for it, I'm sure). She is still a fairly mellow baby, though getting bigger has its trials and presents more reasons to have fussy spells. But she is a happy, smart little girl. We pretty much made the most awesome baby ever.

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