another new hobby: running.

As if I don't already have basically no time to do artsy or crafty stuff anymore with a baby in my life (definitely not complaining!), I've decided to add another hobby into the mix:


Yes, you heard me right. She-Who-Hates-Exercise has chosen to begin exercising for FUN.

No, I didn't sustain a head injury during the process of childbirth. I really am trying to make a go of this. See, if you know me very well, you probably know that I am uncoordinated, out of shape, and am not a big fan of physical activity. I do much better in the realm of the brain than in the realm of the body. But I need to change that, for a number of reasons. So, it dawned on me that running might be a good option to try. Here is why I'm a crazy person and have started running:

/// My health!

/// Weight loss - not my primary reason but also a nice perk. I still have baby weight I'd like to lose eventually!

/// To get in shape for the possibility of having 3 kids. We definitely want 2, and possibly 3. Since I'm not all that young and starting a smidge on the late side, I kind of feel like I need to turn the clock back on my body a little to make possibly enduring 3 pregnancies easier on me!

/// To get in shape for keeping up with a toddler in the near future!

/// To boost my self-confidence. Childbirth really gave me a confidence boost, and I find myself coming down off that now and wanting another source of confidence-boosting.

/// To have a hobby that I can make time for and don't feel guilty about because it's also for my health! I know I shouldn't feel guilty for making me-time simply because I have a baby...but that doesn't change the fact that I do. But when my me-time is also exercise to keep me healthy, it helps alleviate that inevitable guilt.

/// There's a whole hobby-culture around it, so I can use that to make exercise fun for myself. It makes it a whole lot more motivating to think I am a part of a community of runners!

/// I don't need special equipment, training, or a gym. That means it's cheap (can be free, even), and there are few good excuses for not doing it.

/// It's social! I've already got one 5K planned that I'll be running with my bestie and seeing a work friend at, and I'm keeping an eye out for another 5K to do at some point with a different work friend. Lots of people run, and like to run together!

/// I get cool shirts, occasionally medals, and other goodies! 

/// I can hold myself accountable by signing up for (and paying for!) races! I can even do that with virtual races, which are flexible when and where I finish them, but will still make me want to hold myself to putting in the miles to earn the medals.

/// There will always be room for improvement. ((Especially for me!)) And it is so motivating to see myself improve!

/// I can motivate myself by buying fun gear (shoes, clothes, trackers, etc). It's not necessary to the whole thing, but it makes it fun. And as a casual runner, I'm not above buying CHEAP gear.

/// It's kind of trendy ;) . I want to be that 30-something who runs 5Ks and drinks beer at local breweries and takes her kid to farmers markets. Pretentious? Maybe. But fun!

/// Anyone can run...even me. No experience necessary. 

/// I want to set an example for my daughter, as a mom who has a healthy relationship with exercise. It will definitely be a process for me to build that relationship, so I'm starting none too soon.

/// I don't have much time to read anymore...but I can listen to audiobooks while I run!

So far, I have had difficulty figuring out how to fit regular runs into my schedule with working full time and having a baby. But eventually I'll get into a rhythm where it fits into life. And I'm NOT good at it yet--I do an awful lot of walking between stints of running--but like I said, I can always be working on improving, and find that motivating. 

Also, as I mentioned, I've recently discovered virtual races, namely the Hogwarts Running Club, and so that is going to be a big motivator for me, too. (More on that later!) In fact, I've started my fifty-bajillionth reread of Harry Potter in audiobook format while I run to get me in the mood for it. After that, I'll move on to other audiobooks; suggestions welcome!!

So, if you run, why do you do it? What motivates you? Any tips for a newbie like me?

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